Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dahlia likes to eat sand. She'll lick her little fingers, get them nice and wet and stick them straight into the sandbox. What comes out is pure, unadulterated sand covering fully her tiny little fingers. Then straight into the mouth to sample her delicious score. Yum. She does the same with dirt. With rocks and bark, she's a bit more selective (and devious). She'll pick up a rock or a bark chip and reach out her hand innocently, as if to say, "Look, mom, look at this wonderful treasure of the natural world I have discovered." She'll hold it, and turn around, continuing to look around for other delights when all of the sudden, and seemingly from out of nowhere, there is a noticeable bulge on one side of her cheek. I approach cautiously, because I don't want her to choke. She sees me coming and bolts in the other direction with the most devilish grin on her face. Then, she makes me dig, DIG in there while she wiggles and squirms for her dear freedom. Alas, the rock or bark is extracted. Always much bigger than I had imagined. She's a real stinky booger like that. That's just who she is.

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