Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dahlia had her first "Dahlia only" playdate today with a new friend, Astrid. The two are about a week apart in age and seemed to really hit it off smashingly! Dahlia broke the ice with an eye poke and Astrid started conversation with a few loud-pitched squeals! Fun was had by all, so much so that Dahlia passed out near the end of the rendevous while reading Fuzzy Bee and Friends. :-) We're going to make a thing of it and meet again next Thursday.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I just can't keep up with all this little one is doing! Today, she actually stood during Elias's music class for about 5 seconds completely free-standing! I as well as other onlookers were shocked!

So, she's crawling, no problem, and about a day after she started that, she started pulling herself up on anything. She has also been spotted heading for the up-stairs. NOT GOOD

Yesterday, I could have sworn Dahlia made the "more" sign when I was feeding her some cheerios. All day long today, she is putting her little hands together like that whenever I talk to her. And, I think she understands the "milk" sign and when I ask her if she would like some milk, she climbs up into my lap and grabs at my shirt.

On Thanksgiving, Dahlia was saying lots of "momma's" Sometimes, it sounds like she is saying her name, too. I don't know. Seems a little early for talking.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I was feeding Dahlia this evening. It was the third night of rice cereal. She didn't like it last night and after the second bite tonight, she was literally howling at me about it! So, I went back to the bananas. She liked them a few nights earlier, and what do you know? She liked it! So, lesson learned here, it's not too early for Dahlia to have food preferences. She is so funny at expressing herself, yelling at me like a banshee until I get it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Dahlia has two cute little teeth now. Her second tooth popped out just five days after the first. She's crawling like a champ these days. AND, today, she showed me that she can sit up from crawling position. WOW!

On Monday, Dahlia started eating some cream-o-wheat and bananas. She definitely seemed interested, but kept her cool. She insisted on holding the spoon and putting it into her mouth.

Her main concerns to date are trying to avoid getting squished by her big bro.