Thursday, March 30, 2006

You've given us quite the scare over the past few weeks, first with the itching and now the liver. Ugh, I think we both just want the uncertainties past us. Just come out already and be here and be healthy, you little squirt! 8 centimeters to go and alot of effacing. We just can hardly wait!

You were funny today, such a little squiggler. Our last NST today (let's hope) and you would not sit still for the nurse. Moving all over the place, anywhere but near the monitor. UGH! It took forever, poor Daddy and Elias had to play in the park for nearly 2 hours! I enjoy hearing you and having you play little games with the nurses in the office, but I'm glad that we can not do that anymore, it's hard on all of us!

3 weeks and one day. Come on little girl, get out here!