Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yesterday, Dahlia did something that was amazing to me. I was holding her at her hands and she was pulling up to me and as I tilted my head from side to side, she followed me with her head. She is really strong to do this. WOW. So, basically, she can move her head side to side as she wants to. Very strong.

Dahlia is a very smiley baby. She continues to be a very screaming baby, too.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dahlia smiled today. :-)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dahlia is just on the verge of smiling. She has started to coo and be a very sweet and cuddley baby girl in so many ways. She has started to look more human and less space cowboy...you know how new babies have that weird, glazed-over look to their eyes. I'm glad. I am searching for the little person back there. She's gonna bloom soon, I can tell. Brad thinks she'll be very assertive and selfish. That she won't take any junk from anyone. Could be. She's not shy about letting us know fast when she's not happy. And she's loud about it. I worry sometimes that my hearing might be damaged after a particularly lengthy spell of shrieking.

There are several challenges physically that Dahlia may need to overcome in time. The first being that she is tremendously gassy and smelly. I have never experienced such a stench! And such voluminous toots! They wake us up from deep sleep! Pauline would be proud!

She also has an awful case of newborn acne. Elias never had it, and it is alarming. It pretty much covers her chubby little chrrks and is around her neck and hairline. Sometimes it looks quite red and blotchy. Often, just when it seems as though it is going to go away, it's back, full force. There's noting to do about it. I think it bothers me a bit because of my own issues. Nuissance!

Oh, and she has had her first cold already, thanks to Elias. Poor thing, fortunately not that serious.

She's very loveable. I think she's nice and squishy, with skin like velvet.