Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dahlia is officially one! She proved to be alot like her mommy and brother (and dad, too, for that matter), a natural fan of the chocolate! Look at that girl go!

On Dahlia's birthday, we had a fun party! All of her friends (well, most of them) came to enjoy the "buggy" themed extravaganza! We had ants on a log, butterflies, and weird fig and apple bugs, which looked really strange and I'm surprised everyone had eaten them at all! All of the kids got bug kits complete with bugs, a bug catcher, and tweezers, just in case the bugs were too gross to pick up. The day was nice and everyone played outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and in the sand box. Dahlia had a bunch of balloons, and two special balloons: a butterfly and a ladybug. It was really a wonderful party and just great fun. Elias was found, at one point before the candles had been blown out, hovering over the cake, picking off chunks of chocolate for himself! :-) I just can't believe she's already one. The year went by so quickly, it has been a blur...

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