Thursday, November 22, 2007

Several weeks ago, I went a little crazy with the bubbles. I don't know why? There were simply too many bubbles in the tub, so, I did what any good mother would do...I dressed Dahlia in a sort of a turn of the century bubble wig, later to morph into a bubble goatee and mustache. She got a great kick out of it. I think she mostly enjoyed all of the smiles and giggles from others...really got her into the silly, bubble crazed mood.

Anyhoo, alas, today is another day and Dahlia has not had a bath now for one week because last Thursday she broke her leg. Of all the memorable childhood moments I thought I'd write about, a broken leg at 18 months was not one. In fact, the incident leading to her broken limb was so uneventful and lacking of any dramatic effect that I think I was in shock for the whole of her stay in the ER. She literally stepped funny on my foot, never fell or tumbled or anything, just stepped and all of the sudden was obviously in immense pain that would not falter. I took her straight away to the ER and there, in an x-ray, amplified about 10 times it's real size, a tiny hairline spiral fracture could be seen in her left tibia.

Dahlia had a tough first few days, in part because we weren't allowed to let her bear any weight on it, but also, as we were to discover later, it turned out her splint was digging into her heel, causing another injury. Poor baby. She fortunately seems to be doing so much better now that she has a permanent cast (a big full-leg PURPLE jobby), but ewwwww, was I fired up. She'll have to get a new cast on Monday so that they can check this heel injury. Elias is vying for a glow-in-the-dark replacement cast. We shall see.

She had been kinda dragging herself around on her belly or scooting on her bottom for the past few days. But today, she started walking on her little casted leg! I've been calling her "Peggy" or "Peg-leg" or "Hob-along."

Dahlia's latest trick besides snapping limbs has been developing feelings for a lovely. His name is Zach and he was actually a dolly given to Elias just after Dahlia was born. Elias is far too scientific to take a lovely, but he caught Dahlia's eye at just the right time for Dahlia. Sure, she's had dollies in the past, but this dolly, she calls him, "Zachy" and clutches him tightly under her arm. She has to put him to sleep and she has to sing to him. She puts hats and coats on and off of him and plays games with him like Up/Down where she lifts him up above her head and says "up" and then brings him down beneath her knees and says "down." She gives him lots of love and hugs and kisses. She also insists that Zachy be given milk (momma milk), one sip for her, one for Zachy. I feel pretty silly about it. It's hard not to laugh. I try to egg her on to give Zachy her own milk and she usually put his little head up to her belly button. Yesterday, she was feeding Zachy from her knees, which seemed very silly to me. She seems to embrace the silly factor quite freely.


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