Monday, March 19, 2007

Dahlia took several of her first steps today! Walking to her daddy, her biggest fan! So much has been happening with her these days, and I've had no time to document her amzing feats. I'll do the best I can to remember all that little miss incredible has figured out.

1. She can clap her hands. I think she started this maybe two weeks ago. She's so proud of herself.

2. When asked where her tongue is, Dahlia can stick her tongue out. She likes trying to stick her fingers into my eyeballs and pulling my hair, too. She's pretty rough.

3. Dahlia can make the first sounds for dog, cat, and Elias and she can pretty much say her own name (Brad disagrees).

4. Dahlia can free stand. I think she could before, but now she can stand and play with a toy, and bend down and stand back up.

5. Dahlia's love of musical instruments has spread to the harp, which she is drawn to like nobody's business. She has become one of those music class kids who has to be peeled off all of the things that she shouldn't get into, including the harp and at times, other children. Dahlia's very fond of hair as a pull-up/hoisting device. Ouch! I caught her just this evening holding Elias's hair with the grip of a vice while Elias lay utterly defensely to her almost-11-month old fingers.

6. Dahlia love love loves to play outside and eat rocks, grass and dirt. She has to be monitored very closely. One minute, she's very innocently playing with the tricycle handle bar tassle, and the next, her mouth is full of dirt. Last week was such nice week, we played at the sandbox and of coursem Dahlia was eating sand, old leaves, and who knows what else. She's sneaky, too. She turns her back to you just when you think she being all sweet and innocently playing out of doors, you catch a glimpse of her profile, a lovely sand ring all around her mouth with sand in her eyes and trapped in the snot dripping down her face. What a sight!

I'm sure there's much more.

Friday, March 02, 2007

10 down, 2 to go.