Thursday, December 22, 2005

You are such a kicker and a squirmer. I wonder if Elias has any idea that you are in there and that you are the one poking him in the belly from time to time.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Five months into this and I have not written a thing yet. So, here it goes. With Elias, I really kept track of every moment because I wanted him to know my entire experience with him. I want you to know, too, my little Lola, sweet girl (or whoever you may become).

You are really kicking up a storm these days. Your litte feet and/or hands pushing their way through. I like to feel you move because it reminds me of you and that you are real and growing in there. We all wait anxiously to meet you and we already love you more than is describable.

This pregnancy has been pretty easy, with the excception of being dog tired for the first two months, and then being a bit more nauseous with you than with Elias. At first, the hardest part was letting go of the worry, and I still sometimes struggle with that. How will I manage you and Elias? Will it work? Will I be able to love you both as much as you deserve? And I worried alot about Elias. We are still breastfeeding, but I worried that he would have to stop before he was ready. I also worry about breastfeeding both of you at the same time, if Elias doesn't stop. It generally try not to think too hard about things as I think only getting through the challenges I face will convince me that I will and that we all will endure.

I haven't had any strange cravings so far. Lots of sweet stuff appeals to me. I have eaten alot of pie since you came along and I am just believing that it is you requesting all this sugar and whipped cream and pie. My body is changing, it is quite different than with Elias. I thinking I am thicker around the center, whereas with Elias, I was more of a big ball on the front. I'm hoping not to blimp out entirely this time, but you keep demanding all of the pie!!!

At 11 weeks, we first caught glimpse of you. You did alot of rolling and spinning, and I was just amazed at how much of a little person you already were so quickly! The ultrasound blew me away. Last Monday, we saw you again, saw that you were a little girl, and you had a nicely splayed hand and were laying on your belly. You couldn't be bothered to move too much, and I felt nervous because you looked so big and my uterus looked so small. All in all, despite my worries, you were perfect. Nothing at all suspect to report!! Yeah! It was a little harder to concentrate during this ultrasound because your brother was not going to cooperate with the procedure. He wanted to be on Mommy, front and center, so Daddy and Elias had to be out of the room for most of the ultrasound. The pictures we were given included some profiles and your hands. You are beautiful. I think you have my nose which may or may not be a good thing. I don't think I liked my nose until I was 30! Anyway, you are just perfect and we couldn't be happier to have you on the way.

Your Nana was just do delighted to hear that you were a girl, as was you Grandma Lynn, your Aunt Jocelyn and your Great Grandma Boettiger. Nana, Grandma Lynn, and Jocelyn are all very excited to shower you with girlie things! :-)

In one month, we will be living in a new house all together. This has really added alot of stress to my plate. And to your Daddy's, too. I think it will all work out well, though.