Saturday, December 30, 2006

Monster Baby Squashes Toddler

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Carrot face

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Dahlia moves all about the house these days. She's been doing this special slide-crawl combo. It gets her around pretty quickly. One knee crawls, the other walks and slides the knee along. She clims onto everything with little success at diverting attention. She gets quite a temper when she realizes that you are trying to thwart her goals. She's a hazard to her own health!

Dahlia does some very cute things. She likes to play with my hair while she nurses. Sometimes she pulls it. Ouch! She likes to pull my glasses off. When I'm holding her, she likes to push her little finger into my side. Dahlia does not like to have her nose wiped. She does not like to get dressed or have her diaper changed, ever! She's cute and all, but can be very grumpy!

Dahlia really did not like Santa. His big fuzzy beard was just too weird for her, but she did like opening presents. Among her favorites were a new xylophone, a baby from nana, and, of course, anything Elias is playing with that he is not ready to share with Dahlia.

Dahlia likes quite a bit to play with her big brother's new basketball! She squeals with excitement and actually is a pretty good catch!